One-on-One Design Session

One-on-One Design Session


This workshop is tailored to meet the student's personal areas for growth as a floral designer. Adri Smith, Moss Floral's principal designer, will organize the agenda based on the student's wishes. Possible topics of study include:

- How to artfully arrange floral elements in bouquets, centerpieces, and other personal flowers
- How to build table centerpieces as well as large urn arrangements
- How to conduct Consultations and proposal writing
- Design technique for tablescapes
- Sourcing flowers as well as how to price your floral designs
- Contracts
- Building vendor relationships

This workshop will not only be a day catered to the student's professional goals, but also a day to relax and play with gorgeous blooms. A professional photographer will take photos of the student's work for his/her portfolio. Lunch and snacks will also be served. The workshop will take place in Fort Worth, and will run approximately 7 hours.

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